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Welcome to OUTSOURCE's quarterly news publication, THE SOURCE, designed with you, our customer, in mind. With so much information available on the web, "running out of it is not a problem, but drowning in it is." (John Naisbitt). What we do is sift and extract meaningful intelligence from a variety of sources...so you don't have to.

THE SOURCE will put you ahead of the curve by keeping you abreast of what's happening within the transportation industry, as well as informing you about events and circumstances outside the industry that may have an effect on your freight. An awareness of trends and upcoming regulations will help you plan and anticipate how your company can react in the smartest, most advantageous way.

And then there's Trivia. How knowledgeable are you about "stuff"? Put on your thinking cap and have a little fun with our trivia quiz each issue.


June 2018

May 2018

  • Cover Story: Pier Pass at SoCal Ports is Changing, Price Rising
  • UPS Initiative
  • ELD Exemptions
  • FMCSA Head Shows Vision
  • Fuel Report
  • Trivia
  • Quotes
  • Small Plates - Maritime News
  • Harbor Pollution Fines
  • CMA, CGM New Vessel-It's Huge!!
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking
  • XRC- Still Losing $$$
  • XPO Climbing the List of Largest Employer
  • Small Plates - Transport Tidbits
  • Blockchain-Is it the future of Logistics
  • Special Feature: Trends
  • Is Reduced Project Permitting Time the Key to Improved Infrastructures

April 2018

  • Cover Story: Freight Costs on the RISE
  • Is Intermodal RAIL the way to go to Combat Rising Costs?
  • Fuel Report
  • Trivia
  • NAFTA Update
  • Small Plates - Maritime News
  • Maersk Head Calls for End of Government Subsidies for Ships
  • ILA Close to Deal?
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking
  • 2 Press Releases from the American Trucking Association
  • Small Plates - Air
  • UPS up 15% 1st Qtr
  • DHL New Tampa Facility
  • Special Feature: Trends
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: What's Going on in and Around the Port of Savannah

March 2018

  • Cover Story: Trade War
  • US Customs is Watching Imports Closely
  • Fuel Report
  • Trivia
  • Small Plates - Maritime News
  • Charleston Update
  • Salt Lake City to get an Inland Port W/UPRR
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking
  • Unique Driver Recruitment Attempt
  • RoadOne Expansion
  • Small Plates - Air
  • FedEx Large Investment in Memphis
  • Air Cargo Growth
  • Special Feature: Trends
  • ATA President Urges Congree to Act on Infrastructure

February 2018

  • Cover Story: Tracking Rates Falling...Is it calm before the storm?
  • President Announces Infrastructure Plan
  • Supreme Court, Tax, Online Sales???
  • Fuel Report
  • Trivia
  • Future of Fuel Pricing
  • Small Plates - Maritime News
  • Dramatic Sea Rescue
  • Is it the Trans-Pac Contract Season
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking
  • ATA's New Initiative
  • LVL Trucker's Plan Expansion
  • Small Plates - Air
  • Autonomous Cargo Planes?
  • FedEx Storm Disruption
  • Miami & E-commerce
  • Special Feature: Trends
  • Truckers order the most "Big Rigs" in years

January 2018

  • Cover Story: Infrastructure Plan to Limit Regulations
  • A New Year's Message from the President of Outsource
  • Supreme Court, Tax, Online Sales???
  • LTL Truckers...when is their TOO MUCH freight
  • Fuel Report
  • Trivia
  • How Much Fuel is Used Annually
  • Small Plates - Maritime News
  • Chassis Issue
  • Imports Rocket Ahead
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking
  • XPO to be Sold
  • Answers to Trivia
  • Industry Health Plan
  • Small Plates - Transportation Tidbits
  • UPS: No Signatures
  • Rail Traffic Up
  • Quick Confirmation for CBP Head Urged
  • Small Plates - Air
  • FedEx Storm Disruption
  • Miami & e-commerce
  • Special Feature: Trends
  • YRC & the Teamsters
  • Spot Market Truck-load Rates up

December 2017

  • Cover Story: Freight, Freight, Freight
  • Trucking Industry is Flush with Freight
  • Fuel Report
  • Oil Rising
  • Trivia
  • Small Plates - Maritime News
  • ILA Walks out of Talks
  • China Exports/Imports
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking
  • ATA Press Release
  • Answers to Trivia
  • Density Pricing vs. Class
  • Small Plates - Transportation Tidbits
  • UPS: No Signatures
  • Rail Traffic Up
  • Quick Confirmation for CBP Head Urged
  • FedEx Purchase
  • Season's Greetings
  • Special Feature: Trends
  • Rhode Island is Taxing Freight. Consumer Prices will Rise!!!

November 2017

  • Cover Story: Alternative Fuel Trucks
  • Electric Hybrids and the LA/LGB Ports
  • Fuel Report
  • Oil at 2 Year High
  • Trivia
  • Small Plates - Maritime News
  • Windshields on Ships
  • Savannah Port Congestion Plans
  • Records at Long Beach
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking
  • ATA Press Release
  • Answers to Trivia
  • ELD Compliance Exemption
  • Small Plates - Transportation Tidbits
  • Senate Confirms DOT Policy Head
  • GSP Status at Risk
  • Pilots and Engineers to be Tested for OPIOIDS
  • Special Feature: Trends - US Ports Need Over $100B in Infrastructure

October 2017

  • Cover Story: NAFTA Negotiations - Latest News
  • More NAFTA - Peso is falling due to talks
  • Fuel Report
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Pilot Program
  • Trivia
  • Small Plates - Maritime News
  • TransPac rates down
  • EC/GC labor talks
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking
  • ATA Press Release
  • Answers to Trivia
  • Truckload Pricing Up
  • Small Plates - Transportation Tidbits
  • New FMCSA Administrator
  • Post Office raising parcel rates
  • CBP Commissioner speaks in New England
  • Special Feature: Trends - US Ports need over $100B in infrastructure

September 2017

  • Cover Story: Small Package Industry - Time for Rate Increase Season
  • NAFTA Negotiations - Latest News
  • Fuel Report
  • Interesting quote and stat about FUEL
  • Trivia
  • ATA Press Release
  • Knight Swift update
  • Small Plates - Freight Damages
  • Reduce Damage Risk
  • Answers to Trivia
  • Special Feature: Trends - North American Freight Volumes

August 2017

  • Cover Story: NAFTA Renogotiation
  • Mexico Perspective
  • Fuel Report
  • World Oil Producer Rankings
  • Trivia
  • Martitime News
  • W. Coast Labor Deal
  • Import Growth
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking: ATA Press Release, New Truck Demand Up, RATES Rising
  • Answers to Trivia
  • Small Plates - Air Industry: Airfreight Industry, The Future of Drones
  • Special Feature: Trends - Infrastructure Air, Ocean, Rail

July 2017

  • Cover Story: CYBERSECURITY: Supply Chains in Peril
  • Fuel Report
  • Trivia
  • Small Plates- Maritime: COSCO-OOCL Merger, Kuehne Ups Investment, Containers Lost at Sea
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking: In With the Dimensions, out with the CLASS, Hyperloop Update
  • Answers to Trivia
  • Small Plates - Air Industry: Top 25 Airlines-Cargo, Various Types and Dims of Airline Containers
  • Infrastructure
  • Special Feature: Trends - Infrastructure Needs as Seen by American

June 2017

  • Uber Freight Launches Service...with DRIVERS
  • Autonomous Ships
  • Fuel Report
  • OPEC Fuel Revenues
  • Trivia
  • Small Plates- Maritime: 6 Largest Container Vessels in the World
  • Small Plates - The Economy and Trucking: The Economy through the Eyes of Transport, Outsource Announcement
  • Answers to Trivia
  • Small Plates - Air Industry: The President's FAA Proposal, Air Cargo Growth
  • Special Feature: Trends
  • Infrastructure

April 2017

  • Toyoto Puts Fuel-Cell Semi Truck to Test at Los Angeles Port
  • Fuel Report
  • Walmart & Project Gigaton
  • Trivia
  • Small Plates- Maritime: Anti-trust Immunity Review of Alliances, New Boss at Long Beach Port, TransPac Spote Rate Decline
  • Small Plates - Trucking: The Economy through the Eyes of Transport
  • Small Plates - Insurance: MSC Vessel Blaze, $$Millions Stolen in the First Quarter 2017
  • U.S. Customs (CBP) Laboratories

March 2017

  • Driverless Freight Trucks...Ready?
  • Fuel Report
  • Trivia
  • Ocean Vessels Turning to Wind!!
  • CMA-CGM Revenue
  • New Japan Service
  • The Economy through the Eyes of Transport
  • E-Commerce Effect on Air Freight Industry
  • Cathay Pacific Losses
  • Trends: Pallet Flow Performance

February 2017

  • ILA, employers take first step toward contract bargaining
  • Fuel Report
  • Trivia
  • Global ocean rates rise
  • Florida ports & Cuba
  • New FMC Chairman
  • The Economy through the Eyes of Transport
  • Air News Briefs
  • DHL states cross border e-commerce on the rise
  • GAO report on C-TPAT program

January 2017

  • Shipping Alliances Shore Up Industry, Unsettle Customers
  • Message from the President of Outsource
  • Fuel Report
  • Trivia
  • Trump Proposed USTR
  • Airline Profits are Strong
  • The Ecomonomy Through the Eyes of Transport
  • Montreal: Gateway to North America?
  • Customs & Border Protection Continually Evolving

December 2016

  • Trans-Pacific Spot Market Emters Winter Lull
  • Links to 2LTL Trucking Articles Reflecting an Optimistic 2017 Business Outlook
  • Diesel Fuel Info
  • Trivia
  • HOS Rules Update
  • Air Canada Expands its US Schedule
  • US Truck Driver Pay Rising, as Market Improves
  • Maersk as an INTEGRATOR?
  • Ocean Labor Status Update

November 2016

  • HYPERLOOP Project
  • Diesel Prices
  • Trivia
  • XPO Sells Their Truckload Division
  • Speed Limiters Proposed for Commercial Vehicles
  • Port of Houston Growth
  • EU/Canada Free Trade Agreement
  • Burns/Myanmar News

July 2016

  • War and Peace: Truckers, Trade and a Syria Divided
  • Small Plates: Panama Canal Expansion, And Away We Go, If You Brexit You Bought It
  • Trivia

June 2016

  • SOLAS Rules Set to take Effect July 1
  • Small Plates: Trucking Hours of Service Update, Time is essential in Filing a Freight Claim, Coming to a Fridge Near You
  • Trivia

May 2016

  • Port of Oakland's New Logistics Complex Taking Shape
  • Small Plates: A Convoy of Wishes, The New (Old) Way of Transporting Cargo, Women in Supply Chain, Revisited
  • Trivia

April 2016

  • Amazon's Ever-Increasing Presence in Logistics
  • Small Plates: Panama Canal Locks to Open June 28, New Shipping Hub Potential for Cuba, East Coast ILA Squabbles
  • Trivia

March 2016

  • Stakeholders Weighing in on Solas Compliance
  • Are the Days Numbered for the NMFC System?
  • The Many and Wonderful Benefits of Gardening
  • Trivia

January/February 2016

  • Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water
  • Will New Solas Rules Change How You Do Business?
  • Amazon: Your Next Logistics Partner — Maybe
  • Trivia

December 2015

  • FMCSA Finalizes Driver Coercion Rules
  • Congress Passes Multi-Year Highway Bill
  • Fedex Delivers Trees for Troops
  • Trivia

November 2015

  • The Behemoth that is XPO
  • Industry and Regulators Help to Save Whales
  • Preparing for the New Container Weight Rules
  • Quit Like a Champion
  • Trivia

October 2015

  • 'Tis the Season: Complexities in Holiday Retail
  • How Well-Positioned is Your Inventory
  • Keeping Those Holiday Pounds at Bay
  • Distracted Driving
  • Trivia

August 2015

  • The Future is Closer Than You Think
  • The Dangers of Driving While (Not) Drinking
  • FMC Calls for Transparency in PierPASS Program
  • Highway Safety Tips From the Pros
  • Trivia

July 2015

  • East and West
  • What's the Buzz? Bee Haulers Get a Break
  • Spot Rates Hit New Lows
  • Could the Days of Low Logistics Costs Be Numbered?
  • Drivers Band to Bring Mammogram Unit to Truck Show
  • Trivia

June 2015

  • It's Déjà vu All Over Again for the Highway Trust Fund
  • June Marks the 28th Annual Roadcheck
  • Agritourism, or Down on the Farm
  • Trivia

May 2015

  • Women in Logistics. Leadership.
  • Women in the Supply Chain. Frontier
  • Womein in Trucking. Drive
  • Trivia

April 2015

  • Proposed Truck Driver Coercion Rule Impact
  • Five Simple Rituals to Enhance Your Productivity
  • Where There is a Sea There Arrr! Pirates
  • Trivia

March 2015

  • Bipartisan Support for Long Term Transportation Solutions
  • FHWA's Traffic Incident Management Training Gains Momentum
  • All Quiet on the Western Front
  • Trivia

February 2015

  • ¡Hola! Mexico
  • Thank You
  • West Coast Ports: Shippers' Concerns
  • Best Valentine's Gift: Show Yourself Some Love
  • Trivia

January 2015

  • Honoring Our Veterans, Boosting the Economy, and Easing the Driver Shortage
  • Infrastructure Revisited
  • ODFL and Other LTL Carriers Raising Rates
  • Trivia

December 2014

  • Trouble at the West Coast Ports: Three Seasons and Counting
  • Retaining Truck Drivers
  • Preventing Colds and Flu
  • Trivia

November 2014

  • Mitigating Increased LTL Costs
  • New Regulations for Shipping Lithium Batteries
  • The Internet of Things Part 3: Conclusion: Augmented Reality and Logistics
  • Trivia

October 2014

  • Drought, El Niño and The Panama Canal
  • DOT Tiger 2014 Program
  • The Internet of Things Part 2: M2M and the Supply Chain
  • Trivia

September 2014

  • Congestion at the Ports
  • West Coast Ports Negotiations Update
  • The Internet of Things Part 1: The Trucks We Drive
  • Trivia

August 2014

  • Open Letter to Congress from Current and Former Transportation Secretaries
  • Congressional Response to Highway Funding
  • Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, and the Future of Logistics
  • West Coast Ports Negotiations Update
  • Trivia

July 2014

  • Crouching Lotus, Hidden Dragon — The Economic Rise of Vietnam
  • Freight Transportation and Exports Both on a Steady Rise
  • $15 Export Results in $90,000 Penalty
  • West Coast Ports Negotiations Update
  • Trivia!

June 2014

  • Transportation Bill Sent to Congress
  • Smoke Signals
  • "Sensation"-al Negotiating
  • Overboard: Shipping Containers Lost at Sea
  • West Coast Ports Negotiations Update
  • Trivia!

May 2014

  • The Rising Cost of Freight
  • Taking Control of Your Inbound Shipping
  • 360° (It's a Beautiful Day in Boston)
  • Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Wearable Computing?
  • Trivia!

April 2014

  • Shipping Capacity - 2014 Update
  • FMCSA Takes Aim at Driver Detention
  • Toy Story
  • Blink
  • Trivia!

January 2014

  • US DOT Proposes Key Freight Highways
  • Update Act to Fund Infrastructure
  • Preventing Colds and Flu
  • To Insure or Not to Insure, That is the Question
  • The Residuals Program Explained
  • Trivia!

October 2013

  • Panama Canal Expansion Project: East Meets...East
  • Concealed Damage: What Are Your Rights?
  • Free Trade Agreements And Cost Savings
  • All In A Day's Work: Rescue At Sea
  • Trivia!

July 2013

  • New Trucking Hours Of Service Regulations- Public Safety Boon Or Industry Bane??
  • What You Should Know About Freight Classes
  • The Real Jersey Shore and Beyond
  • The World is Flat: Data and the Supply Chain
  • Trivia

April 2013

  • Where Are The Drivers?
  • Birmingham Regional Intermodal Facility: Stepping up the Crescent Corridor
  • Truckload Capacity Tight, Prices Expected to Rise in 2013
  • Trivia

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