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Freight Exception Management

If your organization is overwhelmed with tracking down freight loss and undelivered freight services from your freight carriers, OUTSOURCE can help. OUTSOURCE will help you reclaim control of your freight costs. We remove the pain and suffering of tracking down the hundreds and sometime thousands of shipments and figuring out what was damaged, what were you overcharged for, what services were not delivered.

Freight bill overcharges account for millions of lost dollars in the day-to-day operations of companies around the world. Several percentage points of your total shipping bill can be attributed to overcharges and other omissions.

OUTSOURCE accomplishes cost recovery by auditing previously paid invoices for billing errors and overcharges. When these shipping errors and shipping overcharges are detected, OUTSOURCE files a claim against the freight transportation service provider to recover your freight overcharges. We then facilitate and credit the refund seamlessly to you, our client.

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